Cloncurry Student among Queensland finalists at qmea awards

Shye-Leigh Rankine, a student at Cloncurry State School, received a Highly Commended award at the QMEA Resources Awards for Women in March.  Join Shye-Leigh on a tour of the Ernest Henry Mining Concentrator below.

QMEA and MIM lessons in minesite water management

Mount Isa Mines (MIM) and the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) joined forces to provide Mount Isa's Good Shepherd Catholic College students with a science lesson in water management.

Year seven students at the school are part of the QMEA Gateway to Industry Schools Program which offers a range of programs and experiences to broaden knowledge of the sector for teachers and high school students to provide pathways for young people into the resources sector and related careers.

The Water 4 all science workshop examined how water is monitored, managed and treated to meet various water quality requirements on a mine site, involving a series of fact sheets, activities and practical problems for teachers to use in their year seven science classes.

Students from Good Shepherd Catholic College had the opportunity to view Mount Isa Mines Environment team members test water quality which involved the demonstration of typical in field monitoring equipment to add real-world knowledge and application to the activities the students had been studying.

David Logan, Environmental Coordinator, Mount Isa Mines says he was keen to be an industry mentor for the program, offering authentic practical examples of how science is used in his job every day as an Environmental Coordinator.

"It's important for students to have access to resources sector professionals early in high school, while they're considering their career options," David says.

"It was an opportunity to be able to provide insight to the students on the ways that the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and in particular environment team at any given site, work with the more readily recognisable operational departments to achieve common goals for the community and the business," David says.

"Tegan is a former student at Good Shepherd College and is currently taking part in MIM's school leaver program with the Environment team."

"Having Tegan return to her former school in this new role and speak to the students on the path she has followed from high school into the resources sector was an added positive to Water 4 all session" David says.

Katrina Lee-Jones, Queensland Resources Council (QRC) Director of Skills, Education and Diversity says water management is an essential part in both the approval and operations of a mine.

"It's paramount students who are interested in a career in resources understand the importance of the co-existence of water and mining," Katrina says.

"Water is a vital resource for all Queenslanders and it's vital the sector develops the minds of the next generation of scientists." 

 The QMEA is the education arm of the QRC and is a partnership with the Queensland Government through its Industry Gateway Schools Program.