Mount Isa Mines has successfully co-existed with the Mount Isa community for more than 90 years.

We interact with many diverse sections of the Mount Isa community and we recognise the importance of involving residents in decisions that may affect them. Listening to the needs and concerns of local people helps us to run a more successful business. We hold Community Information Sessions throughout the year to keep the residents of Mount Isa informed about our operations. These sessions provide a platform for the community to ask questions about our operations and to engage directly with our senior executive team.

We seek to engage openly and honestly with the community to address their concerns and we respect local laws, customs and culture. By continuing to engage with local communities throughout the lifecycle of our operations, we can involve them in developing solutions to address the changing risks and opportunities that arise.

Community engagement

We gather information on local concerns and develop proactive strategies to address them in our risk management and business planning processes.

In accordance with our Sustainable Development Standards, our operations have a community engagement plan in place. We review and update this plan regularly to respond to evolving local conditions and issues.

We recognise north west Queensland's Kalkadoon people as the traditional owners of the lands on which our operations are based, and have done so prior to their Native Title determination. As such, respect is given to their culture, history and relationship to these lands, which are integral to the past, present and future aspirations of the local Indigenous community. We are committed to providing resources to encourage career development and new business ventures, support in building the capacity of Indigenous people to encourage self-determination, and to promoting local partnerships and community engagement while being sensitive to the unique challenges faced by Australia's first people.

Meaningful, ongoing communication with locals helps to ensure support for our activities and generates important feedback for the future of our operations.

Enquiries and complaints

Our grievance and conflict resolution process is in place to address the concerns of community members. This process includes clear procedures for registering, evaluating and responding appropriately to all complaints and enquiries.

If you have a concern about our operations, call our 24-hour Community Feedback Hotline on 1800 982 982. A locally based member of our Community Relations team will prioritise your query and will provide additional feedback and information via our call-back service if desired. All callers can choose to remain anonymous. 

Community support

One of the ways we demonstrate our committment to our local community is through our community investment programs.

Community feedback hotline

If you have a concern about our operations, call our free call 24-hour Community Feedback Hotline on 1800 982 982.