investing in tomorrow's leaders

Mount Isa's Spinifex State College hosted a 10-week Gifted and Talented Program to challenge and extend year six students transitioning into high school, sponsored by Mount Isa Mines.

Although still in primary school, the students attended the Spinifex College Junior Campus one day per week to experience a taste of high school subjects with a specific focus on four subjects: music, science, design technology, and gastronomy.

Phil Sweeney, Principal of Spinifex College said the Gifted and Talented Program was a great way for year six students to gain experience and confidence to enter year seven next year.

"The program provides the students with a great head start to high school," says Phil Sweeney.

The Gastronomy students learnt about the Maillard Reaction in foods where a chemical reaction takes place when certain amino acids react together when food is cooked at certain temperatures.

The Design Technology students focused on the design process, beginning with a critique of existing laser cut lanyards to ascertain which features worked best with the machine.

From here, students experimented and analysed different fonts and images before applying them to their own designs. With great excitement, students got to hold their final designs and evaluate how well they felt they had met their original criteria for success.

Students also investigated 3D printing and its possible application to custom design jobs and bespoke client creations.

In Science, students explored the properties of metals, types of rocks and how they were formed while focusing on mining processes. Students also visited Outback at Isa's Hard Times Mine to consolidate their knowledge on mining and to experience a replica underground mine.

While in Music classes, students listened to and analysed a select range of classical music, and developed their ensemble and rehearsal skills, in order to present a percussive performance at the program's culminating evening.

Glencore's Human Resources representatives Simon Ives, Superintendent Human Resources and Amy Laurenson, Senior – People Development, Business Partner presented students with their certificates at the program's culminating evening.

Glencore wishes the students every success in their bright future. We hope to see you on this side of the railway line in your budding careers.