Ernest henry mining goes 1,000 days without a lost time injury

In January 2020 Ernest Henry Mining (EHM) achieved the significant safety milestone of 1,000 days lost time injury (LTI) free.

A LTI is an injury that causes the worker to be unable to work for any full rostered shift, subsequent to that on which the injury occurred.

Shane Morrissey, Concentrator Manager says this achievement was thanks to the crew's dedication to the life-saving behaviours that underpin the positive safety culture at EHM.

"The last time this milestone was achieved was in February 2017 and this result is testament to the workforce's strong commitment to safety, continuous improvement and adopting best practice," Shane says.

"Our goal at Glencore is to achieve zero harm across our operations and one of the key messages to workers is if it feels unsafe, have the courage to stop a job."

"Safety takes precedence over productivity and we want all employees to focus on getting home safely so that they are able to enjoy the things that are most important to them."

"This achievement shows that safe production can go hand in hand and I would like to congratulate our team here at EHM."

This 1,000 days LTI free milestone follows the Queensland Government led state-wide Safety Reset campaign in September last year.

As part of that campaign, the Glencore leadership team carried out face to face sessions to more than 3,200 workers at our North Queensland operations delivering a consistent industry message on the importance of safety in the workplace.

Workers are urged to report all incidents, especially near hits, to ensure every opportunity to identify actions to prevent their reoccurrence.