flood affected north queensland receives funding boost prior to christmas

Sisters of the North were the welcome recipient of an early Christmas gift, receiving a donation of $16,800 from Glencore's North Queensland Flood Appeal.

Many of our employees, communities, pastoralists and businesses were severely impacted by the unprecedented and devastating flood event at the beginning of 2019. These impacts are still felt today, as communities continue to rebuild almost a year on from the crisis.

In February last year, we established a payroll deduction relief fund – 'North Queensland Flood Appeal' – for our North Queensland workforce, for employees who wished to provide financial support to help those in times of need.

Many of our employees live and work in the regions surrounding Townsville, Cloncurry and Mount Isa and were directly impacted by the floods. During this period they displayed incredible spirit, resilience and tremendous generosity.

Together, our North Queensland workforce raised $8,400 for the North Queensland Flood Appeal and in December we announced that Glencore would match this generosity, bringing the total to $16,800.

Maryann Wipaki, General Manager Health, Safety, Environment and Community said it was important for those who donated from their pay to also choose the charity who would receive the funds.

"Our workforce primary charity of choice was the Cloncurry based Sisters of the North," Maryann says.

Sisters of the North aims to promote connection, community and empowerment as a means of developing resilience against adversity.

In the wake of the 2019 floods, they have focused their efforts towards fundraising for those affected in the communities of Richmond, Cloncurry, McKinlay, Winton, Flinders and Carpentaria Shires.

We took the opportunity to formally recognise Sisters of the North at our Ernest Henry Mining Community Information Session.

Susan Dowling, Secretary, Sisters of the North says their distribution model uses vouchers which can be redeemed to local participating small businesses in the six shires they cover.

"We provide a hand-up, firstly, to flood impacted people living and working on the stations and surrounding areas, allowing them to spend it how and where they like," Susan says.

"Our donors can be assured the funds stay right here in the North West and the local business economy is also being benefited.

"We aim to provide some hope to the flood impacted people and local business as the scale of the disaster was massive."

"The region's rebuild has a long way to go yet and the donation from Glencore's North Queensland workforce is really appreciated," Susan says.

"It's a generous gesture of goodwill and for all those who contributed thank you very much. Thank you also to Glencore for matching the dollars raised."

In February 2019, Glencore donated $1,000,000 towards flood recovery efforts, in addition to coordinated efforts at each of our north Queensland operations.