Glencore outstanding graduate program

Our graduates are our future business leaders; therefore, leadership coaching should start at the beginning.

Our newly launched Glencore Outstanding Graduate Program is a three-day professional development program spread over two years for all graduates across our North Queensland Copper operations.

The program covers three essential modules that comprise the foundations of strong leadership; Leading Myself, Leadership Competencies and Leading a Team.

The modules look closely at topics such as emotional intelligence, courageous conversations, productivity and workload management, and influencing and resolving issues – learnings that strongly align with Glenore's values and approach.

Stephanie Jackson, Superintendent Human Resources, Copper Assets Australia says Glencore is committed to providing its graduates with a combination of structured professional development and on-the-job experience.

"Many of our graduates have an accelerated career trajectory and undertake project management and supervisory roles relatively early on in the two-year graduate program," Stephanie says.

"The Glencore Outstanding Graduate Program is designed to help them develop the leadership skills that are necessary to be successful in their jobs; skills that you don't learn in your degree."

Current graduates recently completed the inaugural first module, Leading Myself, which was met with positive feedback from those involved.

As one of the first graduates to participate, John Carr, Graduate Environmental Advisor, Mount Isa Mines took away a new perspective and approach.

"Coming from a science based background/degree, I hadn't previously been in tune with important interpersonal skills that are required in a professional workplace," John says.

"The first module opened my eyes to so many essential new skills which form not only a well-rounded graduate, but a future leader.

"Planting these seeds so early on in my career will prove invaluable."

Anthony Hay, Graduate Metallurgist, Ernest Henry Mining found value in continuing the learning experience post-university.

"The program equips participants with the skills necessary to being an effective leader, skills that are largely overlooked at university," Anthony says.

"I now have a heightened awareness of my own emotional intelligence which has been helpful in identifying areas for my own personal and professional development.

"I believe Glencore has demonstrated its commitment to retaining and developing current graduates as future leaders and that makes me feel valued for my contributions."

Stephanie says that in developing the Glencore Outstanding Graduate Program, they first asked the management team 'what makes an outstanding graduate?'

"The program was created from this feedback and allows us to address the skills that we know many graduates need to develop early in their careers," Stephanie says.

"Outstanding graduates display the characteristics we consider to be essential for success and to ensure future career growth.

"They take initiative in building relationships, show initiative as learners, and they demonstrate self-reliance, ownership and independence.

"The best leaders in our business continually expand their knowledge and skills and that is what we are offering our graduates – the opportunity to develop and grow."