Collaboration and knowledge sharing the key to fortifying community success

While the north-west is rich in minerals, it is also home to Queensland's bustling cattle industry and Ernest Henry Mining recently took the opportunity to share leadership strategies with neighbouring pastoral operations.

Located 38 kilometres north-east of Cloncurry, Ernest Henry Mining shares the area with a number of different pastoral operations and is located within the present day boundaries of the first pastoral property in the district, Fort Constantine.

Travelling 20 kilometres to Fort Constantine, Ernest Henry Mining (EHM) General Manager Aaron Harrison met with a diverse group of stockmen and stockwomen who work in supervisor roles for Stanbroke on 30 September.

Stanbroke is a family-owned Australian integrated beef and cattle company with eight cattle stations in the gulf region in northern Queensland – Miranda, Glenore, Waren Vale, Donors Hill, Augustus, McAllister, Kamilaroi and Fort Constantine.

Impressively, these properties cover over 1.6 million hectares of grazing country and the north-west region is well suited to raising livestock with the annual monsoons nourishing pastures of Flinders and Mitchell grass.

Drawn from Stanbroke's range of properties, the Stockmen and Stockwomen were provided with a presentation from EHM General Manager Aaron Harrison on the mining and processing operations as well as an overview of the leadership strategies, managerial practices and tools used by Glencore to optimise our business operations.

Aaron says that while mining and pastoral operations are two very distinct industries, leadership methodologies can translate across the respective sectors.

"These leadership and management strategies are not industry specific so it was a great opportunity to share our knowledge with our neighbouring landowners," Aaron says.

"Being exposed to different leadership approaches can often lead to innovation as the process of learning about other industries can challenge assumptions and better equip leaders to further develop their teams."

"We consider all industries in the Cloncurry area to be important as they have the potential to bring wealth and prosperity to the region, and create further employment opportunities for our local community."