Lady Loretta mine keeps neighbours in the loop

This month Glencore had the opportunity to share our achievements with neighbouring landowners, mines, and key local stakeholders who visited Lady Loretta mine for our annual Neighbours Day.

With a bus embarking from Mount Isa, stakeholders travelled the 280 kilometre round trip for an opportunity to see the high-grade zinc-lead-silver underground mining operation first-hand.

Starting with a quick surface tour it was followed by an operational update presented by the management team and various mining displays, the highlight for the visitors was definitely the unique opportunity to go underground.

The day was capped off with a delicious barbeque lunch at the Lady Loretta village camp which included a tour of the facilities. Some may be surprised by how comfortable the camp facilities are, acting as a "home away from home" complete with a pool, impressive gym facilities, walking trails and shared common spaces to hold social gatherings.

Richard Epstein, Manager Lady Loretta Project was pleased with the positive response to the event, with more than double the number of stakeholders participating this year.

"It's important that we have opportunities such as this to share what we do, how we do it sustainably and what our plans are moving forward," says Richard.

"We contribute to the Queensland economy, invest in our local communities, create jobs for 250 people, operate sustainability under an Environmental Authority and we plan to leave a positive legacy for the region post mining."

"Lady Loretta mine has a well-defined orebody with an expected life of mine which extends to 2023."

"The 2020 Neighbours Day is a part of our ongoing engagement with a broad range of stakeholders to agree on a post-mining land use in accordance with Queensland's statutory requirements."

Lady Loretta mine, which is operated by our contracting partners Redpath, plays an important role in Glencore Queensland Metals' zinc profile.

The mining lease covers around 2782.8 hectares and the underground mine is 550 metres deep, with around 37 kilometres of tunnels and a further four kilometres planned in 2020.

The operation produces around 1.6 million tonnes of high-grade zinc-lead-silver ore each year which is transported to Mount Isa and blended with ore from George Fisher Mine prior to processing.

"We're committed to minimising environmental impacts from our operations and already undertake progressive rehabilitation, where possible, with extensive planning to close the operation and restore mined land to an agreed land use," says Richard.

"Our vision for closure is to leave a safe, stable, non-polluting and sustainable landform for the final land use that is consistent with the surrounding landscape that allows for a timely and cost effective surrender of the mining lease."