In July, Mount Isa Mines' Copper Smelter set a new record for monthly anode production of 25,175 tonnes, exceeding the previous record set in October 2015.

The Smelter's achievements were attributed to the outstanding performance of the team, continued efforts to improve metallurgical process control and recent re-brick maintenance to the aging assets.

From March to April 2018 the Copper Smelter successfully completed a 38-day, $30 million Copper Smelter re-brick safely, on schedule and on budget, which paved the way for the highest ever monthly anode production.

The re-brick shutdown included major maintenance projects to re-brick IsaSmelt and Rotatory Holding Furnaces, and replace the IsaSmelt mixing chamber and repairs to the off-gas system.

Najum Zaidi, Manager Copper Smelter Operations and Maintenance says the Copper Smelter employees and contractors worked together to reach this significant milestone while maintaining their focus on safety.

"The team has very positive morale and motivation after the re-brick, along with a strong focus on metallurgical process control and recent maintenance, the smelter is operating at optimal performance," Najum says.

"It was a team effort, with the supply chain from MICO and EHM supporting the record, providing the Copper Smelter with the availability of the concentrate," he says.

"This is a positive start to the second half of the year and with our continued strong focus on safety, will see the smelter achieving safe, consistent anode production."