Sensors to collect geotechnical data have been installed in the Ernest Henry Mining (EHM) Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) giving our Environment and Surface Operations Teams valuable information to help guide management of the facility.

The technology upgrade was completed earlier this year, and has already helped shaped routine 'lifting' earthworks at the TSF

Lifting, where we raise the height of the earthworks to increase holding capacity of the facility, is carried out every two to three years in line with production and tailings storage requirements.

Data flows constantly to the EHM server where it is recorded and tracked, with alarms in place to notify the team if there are any issues identified by the monitoring system.

Shane Morrissey, Concentrator Manager says the sensor installations give us the knowledge we need to continue to manage our tailings storage facility in line with industry guidance and best practice.

"We conduct regular audits on all areas of our operations as part of our continuous improvement process, and working with our Engineer of Design we have introduced this additional monitoring technology." Shane explains.

"We installed equipment including two inclinometers to monitor movement, and piezometers at four locations to measure geotechnical parameters, including water level and pressure.

"The additional information has allowed us to optimise the work we already do in proactively managing our tailings facility.