Emissions generated by our operations at Mount Isa Mines are monitored and managed around the clock—we check for sulphur dioxide, dust and other particulates that can affect air quality.

Our air quality monitoring program in Mount Isa  is the most intensive of any city in Australia. Real-time air quality is captured at 13 stations located across the city and region. View our air quality monitoring network map.


Access up-to-date readings

Visit our air quality ​results page to access up-to-date and accurate sulphur dioxide air quality monitoring and reporting information around Mount Isa.

Alternately, our Air Quality in Mount Isa (AQMI) app enables you to check current air quality at any time on your smartphone. To download the app, search for 'AQMI' in iTunes or Google ​Play.​​​

Improvements to air quality control

Mount Isa Mines' Air Quality Control Centre was established in 1975 and is continually improved as scientific findings and new technologies emerge.

We review engineering approaches, operating procedures and monitoring programs for ways to reduce emissions.  We also operate and monitor more air quality sensors than required by our Environmental Authority (EA) to provide additional information to guide our approaches.

Community feedback hotline

We encourage Mount Isa residents to contact our 24-hour Community Feedback Hotline on 1800 982 982 if they believe they are being impacted by our operations.