Located on the edge of the city of Mount Isa, our mining lease spans 32,000 hectares and is 52 kilometres long from north to south. We recognise the material issues faced by our operations, and take our environmental performance very seriously. We work hard to reduce the impacts of our operations, setting ourselves robust environmental performance targets.

Management accountability is key to our environmental approach. We undertake regular audits to assess performance against our standards and to better understand and manage sustainability risks.

In 2011, Mount Isa Mines transitioned to a new Environmental Authority in line with modern regulations, with further improvements acknowledged in an amendment in September 2015. This included modern conditions for key environmental values such as air, water, land, waste, and noise and vibration.

As part of that process, we sought approval for a Transitional Environmental Program (TEP) for certain air and water conditions, which proposed an annual improvement program over five years to achieve full compliance in these areas by 1 January 2017.

All TEP major works for air and water were completed ahead of schedule in November 2016. Read more by visiting our Environmental initiatives page.

Today our 32,000 hectare mining lease is governed by over 80 separate permits and authorities, with stringent and transparent reporting of our environmental performance.


We take a continuous improvement approach to manage one of Australia's largest and oldest mining facilities.

Since 2003, we have invested in excess of $500 million in environmental expenditure and significantly improved our environmental performance.